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Nearshore outsourcing IT: 6 tips for SMBs

In this article, I will give 6 tips for SMBs that consider using nearshore outsourcing as a long-term strategy for their organization. Our clients employ their own nearshore developers through us and some have been working with the same people…

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Software developers

Software developers are wasting time?

Due to the incredible growth of technology in our lives, software developers have become one of the world's most valuable resources. Organizations see a greater challenge in accessing the software developer market than raising capital. Developers are worth more to…

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Reduce costs through IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing is often mentioned along with reducing costs. But when do you actually reduce costs with IT Outsourcing? This depends entirely on the way you apply it. The difference lies in the short-term or long-term strategy of IT Outsourcing.…

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