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Nearshore outsourcing IT: 6 tips for SMBs

In this article, I will give 6 tips for SMBs that consider using nearshore outsourcing as a long-term strategy for their organization.

Our clients employ their own nearshore developers through us and some have been working with the same people for more than 5 years.

Read on and make sure you are well prepared when you start using nearshore outsourcing.

Nearshore outsourcing IT

IT Offshoring was a popular outsourcing strategy for many successful companies. However, IT nearshoring, or nearshore outsourcing IT, has caught up with this trend due to the ease of doing business, fewer cultural differences, being relatively close, lower risks and comparable attractive cost savings.

Many SMBs now know that the benefits of nearshore outsourcing IT offer a solution to the shortage of developers. Large corporations often get the top developers, but SMBs are the first to miss out since their brand may not be as widely known. With all this in mind, nearshore outsourcing IT is definitely a great idea to grow your business in SMBs. There are countless components that you need to take into account when deploying nearshore outsourcing and that’s why we list 6 tips here for you:

1. Communication

It sounds logical that communication is a crucial part of a successful nearshore team for your organization. Yet this part is often underestimated. The results of your nearshoring adventure largely depend on a smooth and clear link between you and your dedicated team. Talk to each other the same way you do with your other developers. Use video conferencing instead of voice calls and arrange regular meetings with a clear agenda. Uninterrupted and clear communication is essential, but it’s only step one.

2. Include your dedicated nearshore outsourcing team in the project planning

Make sure that everyone within your organization is fully aware of their colleagues across the border. Therefore include your own nearshore outsourcing team in the entire project planning. Allow extra time especially for the work of this team in the beginning. Although they are often very experienced developers, they must also be familiar with your software.

3. Involve your dedicated nearshore outsourcing team in what is going on within your organization

As you work together to develop your business, understanding each other is crucial. Help your team remotely to understand the product, the purpose of the organization and the desired end result of your customers. Sharing the values ​​of your company, your mission and your goals result in building mutual understanding and respect. This creates a commitment to the remote developers and the belief that they belong to your company and what it stands for.

4. Establish a relationship of trust

Trust is perhaps the most important point in nearshore outsourcing. Without trust, it is very difficult to work together on the goals of your organization. It is crucial to get to know the team and to visit each other whenever possible. Meetings or social events build relationships and trust. Not only between you and the nearshore team but between all your developers. If you are still concerned about sharing confidential information with your team, do not hesitate to have a good NDA signed.

5. Get the right mentality

The benefits of less cultural differences and good faith in each other can all be lost without the attitude of a winning team. Don’t forget to give priority to people over processes and technology. At the end of the day it all comes down to communication between people and people. Building an exciting environment is an important success factor. It will help you coordinate efforts for a shared goal and get a sense of being together.

6. Ensure sufficient management capacity for nearshore outsourcing IT

The last and most important point is ensuring adequate management. It is crucial to have someone within your organization who has sufficient time to manage the dedicated nearshore team. Certainly, in the beginning, this will take a lot of time. Make sure that someone has the time for this. It is a shame to invest in an extension of your organization and not manage it enough due to a lack of time.

Every major business change brings new challenges and nearshore outsourcing is no exception. It is nevertheless a good alternative to offshoring. Many SMBs have bad experiences with offshoring due to cultural and language problems. So make use of the fact that there are many options for expanding close to your development department. Keep the above points in mind and make sure that your nearshore outsourcing adventure is a huge success.

The next step

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Kevin is a personal outsourcing consultant of Personal Programmer. With more than 10 years experience, he knows what's needed for a successful way of outsourcing. He writes about it in this outsourcing-blog.

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