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Personal Programmer Trainee

Companies have been investing in new talent for ages. It is a great way to bind people to their brand and to teach them the tricks of the trade. This starts when new talent is still in university and where they learn about the working world through their internships. It is a great way to get a feeling of what it is like to work full time for a company and what their responsibilities in the future will be. But after people have graduated, there mostly lies a big gap between leaving school and getting hired to learn those important first years of experience. Especially in IT and even more in countries that work mostly for international companies, it is extremely difficult to bridge that gap.

Personal Trainee

Personal Programmer is building that bridge between graduation and the first years of working experience, by providing graduates with a kick-start of their career through the Personal Trainee program. At the same time, this program gives Personal Programmer’s clients the possibility to invest in the talents of tomorrow.

Looking ahead

It’s not a secret that there is a shortage in programmers all around the world and we need to help more people get acquainted in the business. Lot’s of new talent graduates from school each year and struggle to get those first years of experience. Job offers always ask for multiple years of experience to get selected for the job. The Personal Trainee program will challenge this.

So how does this work?

  • We make the first selection of top candidates
  • You decide who gets the traineeship
  • We offer them a 6 months contract

Duration: 6 months
Fee: €625,-
Salary: €450 – €600 gross


At phase 1 the developer is under a 6 month contract. After phase 1 the developer will be given a full time contract that can be terminated any time, with two months notice.



Phase 1

Duration: 12 months

Fee grows with €125,- each quarter of the year for a period of 12 months until it reaches the regular Personal Programmer fee.


Salary will steadily rise from: €600,- to €1200,- to keep up with the Macedonian IT market.


After phase 2, the fee will be at the regular level with no changes in contract.



Phase 2


  • Trainees become very loyal employees
  • Eager to learn and contribute
  • They can be molded to the clients culture
  • Many applicants
  • The right practical knowledge


  • A team in Skopje
  • Someone in that team that can direct the trainee(s)
  • Willingness to teach the trainees(s)

Want to know more?

If you are interested in expanding your team with trainees, then please let us know here.

Kevin is a personal outsourcing consultant of Personal Programmer. With more than 10 years experience, he knows what's needed for a successful way of outsourcing. He writes about it in this outsourcing-blog.

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