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Personal Programmer helps you expand your development team, with highly skilled Ruby on Rails developers from Macedonia.


Do you want to grow your business but you can not find the right people in your country? Search and find them across the border. Through Personal Programmer acquire your Ruby on Rails programmers on full-time basis, you determine the salary, holidays and working methods. We relieve you of all administrative and facility services abroad. In short, your own people exactly as you want it.


University graduated talents.

English speaking talented programmers.

Up to 40% cheaper than a programmer in Netherlands

We provide the best possible workplace and conditions.

Flexible contract, two months termination period.

2,5 hour flight, no time difference.


How Does It Work?
Nearshoring Testimonials

It was a new step for us, nearshoring. With some skepticism, we started with two developers in Skopje. It more

I want to thank the guys and girls of Personal Programmer for their excellent service. After a lot of more

Ecomwise is a full service eCommerce company from Utrecht. We develop Magento web shops and extensions and help our more

Since we started working with Personal Programmer we grew a team of 8 programmers in Macedonia. In Amsterdam it wasn’ more

When we started Go4Target in 2009 we right away had problems to find the right programmers. We advertised a more

Since 2014 we are using Personal Programmer’s service and are extremely happy about it. As a company we have more


Our Valued Clients
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