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Since 2014 we are using Personal Programmer’s service and are extremely happy about it. As a company we have been growing from 3 to 10+ people in just a few years. Half of them are programmers. When we started we had already thought about hiring a remote development team when we were looking for programmers only had never seen a construction that would fit our way of working. When we came into contact with Personal Programmer we immediately noticed their personal and enthusiastic approach to nearshoring. This made us feel comfortable to take the step and hire two programmers.

Within two weeks Personal Programmer found great candidates who we tested and eventually hired. Our newly recruited programmers became a part of our Dutch team right away, with the only exception that they worked from an office far from ours. Still, communication went fluently and the work they did was beyond our expectations. To strengthen our bond we let them come over to The Netherlands a few times a year. To make things short: we can advise any company wanting to expand to work with Personal Programmer. You won’t regret it.

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