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In Macedonia there are many IT Outsourcing developers who enjoy working for international companies. They are hardworking and loyal people with a university education and very good understanding of the English language.

About our IT Outsourcing developers

At Personal Programmer we work with very high-quality IT Outsourcing developers of various technologies. Every developer is hired for a specific client and works for that client on a dedicated basis for years. With high-end software from our clients and our good care, they are satisfied developers who are well challenged and do not leave soon. In addition, you determine their salary yourself, so you have a good indication of how satisfied they are about it. These are all ingredients for a long-term collaboration that you can build on.

High quality nearshore developers
Different technologies
Loyal hardworking employees

Vladimir Medarski

Here I have the opportunity to negotiate my salary and terms of working with the client directly. Combined with the flexible working hours and the chance to improve my knowledge every day, makes me very happy at my job

Front-end Developer

Kiril Spasovski

The client is super fun, they are relaxed guys and we’re working on interesting projects. We take many trips to The Netherlands to visit the company in Utrecht.

Android Developer

At Personal Programmer

Since we facilitate the developers, it is of the utmost importance that we commit ourselves to the best possible working environment for them. Our vision is to be the nicest workplace in Skopje. By means of company outings, team building events, top hardware, loyalty plans, etc. we try to do something extra for the developers at our office.

Do you also want to hire IT Outsourcing developers in North Macedonia? Then contact us and make an appointment.

We are currently looking for:

QA Engineer for expanding client
PHP developer with a focus on WordPress
ColdFusion developer
.NET developers wanted for great opportunity at Canadian client
Experienced Android developer
Experienced Python developer
Frontend developer for big American client
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