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Personal Programmer Trainee

Companies have been investing in new talent for ages. It is a great way to bind people to their brand and to teach them the tricks of the trade. This starts when new talent is still in university and where…

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Reduce cost with IT outsourcing

Nearshore developers: 4 tips for success

Software developers are the most valuable source for every IT organization. Given the large increase in IT organizations, and with it, vacancies, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies around the world to find and retain good software developers. The…

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Remote team in Macedonia

IT Outsourcing to North Macedonia

In this article, I provide insight into the possibility of IT outsourcing to North Macedonia and why this is interesting. We have been helping organizations outsource IT issues for ten years. IT outsourcing in Europe When we talk about Nearshoring…

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it work

Nearshore outsourcing IT: 6 tips for SMBs

In this article, I will give 6 tips for SMBs that consider using nearshore outsourcing as a long-term strategy for their organization. Our clients employ their own nearshore developers through us and some have been working with the same people…

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