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Personal Programmer delivers remote JavaScript developers from North Macedonia to expand your company. A long term solution to the shortage of developers.


Unique IT Outsourcing Service

With our unique IT Outsourcing service we offer our clients the possibility to hire highly trained JavaScript developers remotely. In North Macedonia to be precise. These JavaScript developers work dedicated to you and see themselves as part of your organization. It is a long-term strategy that you use to grow your organization. Given our years of experience in IT Outsourcing, there are now many companies worldwide that work with their own developers in North Macedonia on a daily basis and no longer want to be without it.

Your own JavaScript developers in North Macedonia
Long term strategy to grow your company
Years of experience in IT Outsourcing

Why IT Outsourcing with us?

Great JavaScript developers are scarce everywhere. At Personal Programmer we continuously offer highly trained JavaScript developers who work from North Macedonia and who you can hire full time. You have full control over the developers and you determine the salary, number of vacation days and the way of working. We relieve you in all administrative and facility matters and support you in every step.


Highly educated JavaScript developers that you select according to your wishes.


Enough developers, so that your company can easily scale up.


Although intention is long term, there’s only a two month termination period.


Save up to 40% on your costs compared to your country.

Discuss options?

We would love to hear more about what you are looking for.


University graduate JavaScript developers

English speaking professionals

Up to 40% more affordable than JavaScript developers in your country

We ensure the best possible workplace and circumstances.

Flexible contract with two months termination period

IT Outsourcing testimonials

It was a new step for us, nearshoring. With some skepticism, we started with two developers in Skopje. It took some time to find the right match, but we were…read more

I want to thank the guys and girls of Personal Programmer for their excellent service. After a lot of interviews in Macedonia we found the right people to expand our…read more

Ecomwise is a full service eCommerce company from Utrecht. We develop Magento web shops and extensions and help our clients with online marketing. In 2009 we were looking for experienced…read more

When we started Go4Target in 2009 we right away had problems to find the right programmers. We advertised a lot but to no avail. After some time we decided to…read more


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Hire JavaScript developers remotely

Do you want to grow your business but can’t find the right people in the Netherlands? Search and find them across the border. Via Personal Programmer you take on your JavaScript programmers on a full-time basis, you determine the salary, the days off and the way of working. We take care of all administrative and facility matters abroad. In short, your own people, the way you want.

Some of our clients
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