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Imagine looking for new developers, but having a hard time finding them. Ideally, you have them in-house because then you are fully in control and the developers have the opportunity to grow within your organization. On the other hand, the hiring of external developers also has benefits. We list them below.

Benefits External


(Terminate in 2 months)


(Up to 40% cheaper)


(We deliver them)


(Top offices and workplaces)


(We arrange hardware)


(In case of prolonged illness)

Growth potential

(Easy up and downscaling)

Benefits In-House


(Insight in all costs)


(Full control of your people)


(Determine yourself)

Own selection process

(Your rules and requirements)

Long term

(No hourly rate)

Invest in staff

(Grow within your organization)

Own business culture

(Your way of working)

We Combine Them

Personal Programmer combines the benefits of external and in-house developers together into a unique way of nearshoring. External is not temporary, but investing long term in your company.

How does it work?


Transparency is the core of our service

When we started Personal Programmer, we sought developers for ourselves. We started in Macedonia and had insight into everything that happened and where every euro was spent. We negotiated salaries and chose the way we wanted to work. When we started to set up teams for other companies we wanted to give them the same benefits as we had.

This is why our service is completely transparent to our customers. In this way, you know exactly what your people deserve and what our service costs. We ask for one fixed fee per month for our services per programmer, regardless of the level and experience. You determine the salary and it grows with the career of the developer. This way we keep all costs insightful and you have all the ropes in hand.

Our valued clients

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