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We always keep our eyes open for talent. Our clients tell us what kind of developers they are looking for and we have a wide network of Macedonian developers that want to work for international companies. Their profiles are very diverse and vary from PHP, Java and .NET to Mobile and JavaScript. We currently have a diverse range of nearshoring expertise within our organization and they are looking for companies like you.


Macedonia has a wide range of specialists in different technologies. Due to the good tech universities and the great growth in the IT sector within the country, the market develops to an even higher level every year. Almost all technologies that our customers are looking for are present in the country. From team leads to juniors. Given our long-term it outsourcingmodel, investing in developers has never been more interesting.

Talent with wide range of expertise
We search talent that fits your job offer
Growing market because of top tech universities


Java developers
Javascript developers
PHP developers
.NET developers
Android developers
iOS developers
Large group of Java talents
A developer for you within two months
Developers work dedicated for you
From junior to experienced

Due to the shortage elsewhere, a number of our clients are looking for Java developers in Macedonia. They have expanded their Java branch and extended it to Macedonia. When a vacancy opens, it is filled on average within two months and they can get started with their new Java specialist. We have Java developers from junior to 10+ years of working experience. If you want to hire a Java developer through us, we will find one in the market that best suits your requirements.

JavaScript developers are in demand. Over the past two years, we have seen a significant increase in requests for these developers. Specialisms in different platforms such as React, Angular, Vue.js or Node.js we see it all passing by. These are examples of specialist JavaScript developers that we hire for our clients. When a vacancy opens, it is filled on average within two months and you can get started with your new JavaScript specialist. Don’t fall behind on work. Get a new specialist “in house” through our IT outsourcing service.

Popular in North-Macedonia
Platforms such as React, Angular, Vue.js en Node.js
Vacancies filled in within two months
Many talented .NET developers
Grow your company with Macedonian talent
Long term investing in your own employees

Every day new .NET vacancies appear on the internet from companies that are booming. Everyone fishes in the same pond and the shortage of IT workers is not exactly helping. That is why many companies come to Personal Programmer to ensure that their organization can continue to grow. We have a wide range of .NET specialists who would like to work for these organizations.

iOS developers, Android developers, Mobile developers

Mobile has become an indispensable part of our lives and this results in a lot of employment for mobile developers. Whether all-round or native, companies are expanding their development with these developers. They are scarce given their popularity. In Macedonia we have a large number of iOS developers, Android developers and Mobile developers. Experts with years of experience are waiting for a company like yours to advance their career.

iOS developers, Android developers and Mobile developers
Experts with years of experience
Vacancies filled within two months
You determine the developers salaries


We would love to discuss the possibilities for your company in hiring Macedonian talent. Please fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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