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It was a new step for us, nearshoring. With some skepticism, we started with two developers in Skopje. It took some time to find the right match, but we were quickly convinced. After some fine-tuning of our processes, the two developers have become a well-integrated team.
Regarding the communication that progresses smoothly through Skype and Slack. Every morning there is a stand-up Skype meeting. This ensures commitment and excellent cooperation. The developers are open in their communication and pleasant colleagues. Meanwhile, the team’s grown to four developers. We visit each other regularly. This provides the necessary social interaction and therefore the cooperation is more pleasant.

Personal Programmer facilitates the developers in Skopje very well. They are happy with the office and the atmosphere on location. The daily management is with us and that is excellent. There are no time-consuming processes or project managers needed among developers in Skopje and mour management and it worked out pretty well. We are happy!

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