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IT Outsourcing to North Macedonia

In this article, I provide insight into the possibility of IT outsourcing to North Macedonia and why this is interesting.
We have been helping organizations outsource IT issues for ten years.

IT outsourcing in Europe

When we talk about Nearshoring we are talking about outsourcing IT work in your own country or a nearby country. Its counterpart, offshoring, means outsourcing to overseas countries. Think of India, China or Singapore. In Europe, for example, IT work is outsourced to countries such as Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. They are countries that are often mentioned in connection with nearshoring.

North Macedonia as an IT outsourcing option

North Macedonia, on the other hand, is much less appointed as it is a country that is relatively undiscovered for IT outsourcing. The IT sector has risen sharply there in the last ten years and it is a sector with the best future prospects in the country.

North Macedonia is located in the middle of the Balkans adjacent to Kosovo, Serbia, Greece, Albania and Bulgaria and has 2 million inhabitants of which almost a third are in the capital Skopje. This is one of the reasons that we have settled in Skopje. The range of developers is largest there and with nine universities it ensures a good annual flow of new candidates.

In recent years a number of large companies have established themselves in North Macedonia to make use of the talent. Microsoft is also a major investor in the country because it has also noticed the potential and quality of the developers. However, many more large organizations do not settle there because the range of developers in Skopje is much smaller than in, for example, cities in Ukraine. This is very beneficial for us because it gives us the opportunity to attract the best developers. This in combination with the low wages ensures a great investment value. Wages are much lower in North Macedonia than in Ukraine, for example, and we and our clients are reaping the benefits.

Not only are wages low, but there is also no time difference with Northern Macedonia. In IT this is great when you collaborate with your nearshore developers remotely.

IT outsourcing, a long term solution

With our unique IT Outsourcing service, we offer our clients the possibility to outsource their IT to North Macedonia. The developers, which we select together, work dedicated for you and see themselves as part of your organization. It is a long-term strategy that you use to grow your organization. We do not temporarily hire programmers. We believe that there must be a click between the nearshore developers and the client and that they must work together on a fixed basis. This is how you get the most out of IT outsourcing. You determine the salary yourself together with the developer, just like you do with developers you hire in your country. We take care of all matters in North Macedonia so that you only focus on the work.

Join us!

It is not for nothing that more and more companies are joining us. Companies that are just starting to outsource IT, but also companies that are switching from Ukraine to Macedonia, given the difference in wages. Are you curious about the possibilities for IT Outsourcing to North Macedonia? Then contact us.

If you want examples of organizations that have successfully outsourced IT to North Macedonia, then look at our IT Outsourcing client cases.

Kevin is a personal outsourcing consultant of Personal Programmer. With more than 10 years experience, he knows what's needed for a successful way of outsourcing. He writes about it in this outsourcing-blog.

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