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Research of developers North Macedonia 2019 recently released its annual survey on the IT industry in North Macedonia, this time with 2019 in mind. The survey was held in February – March this year and an average of 1,000 developers took part. The full investigation can be found here.

Developers North Macedonia 2019

Gender, age, and education

The research showed a significant gender gap among developers: 80.96% men versus only 19.04% women. This corresponds to the distribution within Personal Programmer and which is generally a better figure than we are used to in – for example – The Netherlands. In recent years, the share of female programmers has increased sharply in North Macedonia. In terms of age, around 60% are 25-34 years old and most are in possession of a Bachelor’s degree. An interesting fact is that the number of professionals with only secondary education (9.46%) is about the same as the number of professionals with a master’s degree (10.75%). In education, 42.14% of developers hold a specific knowledge certificate, and 32.04% are actively looking for certification options.

Income by job position

The majority of respondents declare themselves as full-stack developers (38.82%), followed by back-end developers (18.47%).

The highest income is that of Data Scientists with an average monthly income of 1390 euros net, closely followed by Mobile App Developers with an average of 1355 euros net and DevOps specialists with 1320 euros net.

Income based on experience

In terms of experience, 64% are Mid-level and Senior developers (32.71% Mid-level, 31.31% Senior), 22.31% are Junior developers, while the most experienced developers with a leading position are only 8.18 % of all developers represented. The income correlates with experience, so trainees take on average 150 euros net, Junior developers 480 euros net, Mid-level developers 860 euros net, Senior developers 1460 euros net and Leads 1960 euros net. Here is a big difference. At Personal Programmer, through our Trainee program, we offer junior developers to our customers for junior salaries and at 50% of our fee. As a result, we help to provide this target group with work experience and encourage our clients to invest in young talent.


JavaScript is the most widely used technology for IT professionals in the country, with Java and C # in second and third position. The fourth and fifth positions are for HTML + CSS and .NET with PHP in sixth place. In terms of technology-based income, Java and C # are at the top with 1153 euros net, followed by .NET with 1125 euros net and Javascript with an average of 1090 euros net.

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Where do the developers work?

The number of developers working in domestic IT companies (39.10%) is almost the same as the number of developers working for a foreign company with an office in Northern Macedonia – (38.78%). The percentage of developers who work remotely for a foreign company is 9.96%, freelance 8.81%, and the percentage of developers who work remotely for a domestic company is only 3.35%. In terms of company structure, 44.75% work in companies with 11-100 employees, 29.79% in teams with fewer than 10 employees and 18.46% in companies with 101-500 employees.

Which technology peaks interest in North Macedonia?

Most developers in the country would like to increase their knowledge of Python, a trend that matches world trends (source: Stack Overflow Survey 2019). Unlike Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Java and PHP are also among the programming languages that Macedonian developers want to learn.

Obstacles in the recruitment process


During the recruitment process, developers are particularly troubled by the lack of information about a particular position and the long and slow interview process. The most important factor that they consider when choosing an employer is not the salary, but the ability to learn, grow, develop and improve their skills. In the workplace, developers are usually affected by the poor internal organization and they express their dissatisfaction mainly in direct discussions with managers. Most developers look for information about job openings on social media.
Within Personal Programmer we help our clients to prepare interesting vacancies. Your own vacancies are the guiding principle for recruiting people in North Macedonia, as they will work for you. Developers also see the salary process as an obstacle because it is not transparent, but with Personal Programmer, the client and the developer agree on the salary together. Completely transparent.

Developers for you?

Hundreds of IT people are added to the IT market of North Macedonia every year and Personal Programmer is on top of it to make the best developers available for our clients.
Are you interested in hiring a developer from North Macedonia? Then contact us now to discuss the options.


Kevin is a personal outsourcing consultant of Personal Programmer. With more than 10 years experience, he knows what's needed for a successful way of outsourcing. He writes about it in this outsourcing-blog.

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